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“Some time back, I came to the realization that tinkering with analog cameras is still an enjoyable experience. I stumbled upon some Hasselblad and Leica equipment, as well as an AGFA Rondinax for processing, and resumed my hobby that began over three decades ago. However, my modern-day darkroom consists of a Nikon scanner and an inkjet printer for producing prints.”

Dottir @_dottir.model2_, Leica M7, Fomopan 100
Emma Helena, Hasselblad 500C, Kodak TMax400 and Porta 160
Camille @camille.modele, Hasselblad 500C, Shanghai GP3
Anna @yanova_egyptian_mau_, Hasselblad 500C, Kodak TMAX 100
Sara @sarasurprisink, Hasselblad 500C, Kodak TMAX 100
Nikita @nikitagokhale, Hasselblad 500C, Kodak TMAX 100
Lauren, Hasselblad 500C, Kodak Ektar 800 way over date
Lesya, Hasselblad 500C, Kodak TMAX 100

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